My Ethereum Life

Ethereum has been good to me. I have been fascinated with it (also long) since Fred Wilson mentioned people should own a bit at our #Stocktoberfest in March at approximately $40.

It was $8 to start the year and yesterday touched $470.

In July when Ethereum last crashed, it was for sale at $150. I explained how I was buying Ethereum and treating it like it was public Venture Capital.

I am thrilled with how fast it has skyrocketed yet again.

But, Ethereum has quickly become a bigger percentage of my portfolio that I am comfortable with considering I still can’t properly explain it.

So yesterday I mentioned I was selling a smidge.

The boo birds were all over me.

Charts were shared in my stream explaining how dumb I was.

The word Noob was tossed my way.

One image that stands out at the moment is this:

The hyperbolic rise should continue as the road to Ethereum is narrow.

But, I am sure 2018 will see many roads.

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