…You Can Make Money from Blogging…Part DEUX!

My good friends Andy and Landon Swan have taken through the ‘exit door’ as Fred Wilson likes to say. Investools (NASD – SWIM ) is the buyer . They made Wallstrip look long-term with a 4 month funding to exit.

I could not be happier… and not just because I was an angel investor with Roger , my fund and other friends. It validates what we all work so hard to do in the financial blogging community…learn, share ideas, share information, make money or in some cases lose less.

First of all, the new site and tools rock!. Here is a helpful video . Investools is providing the capital and resources to get all of Andy, Landon and even some of my financial community ideas to market. I am loving the sharing features and integration with ThinkorSwim online brokerage services (a division of Investools), but I am not going to go through all the features in this post. Too many. I will start posting on them throughout the week as will Andy on his blog.

When Wallstrip was just an idea in my head, I was flying around meeting financial bloggers out east. My first stop was Atlanta to meet TraderMike . My second stop was Kentucky to meet Andy and Landon. It was August 2006 and here is what I wrote . Landon is 6″10 and when I first met him he had a black eye. I asked him if the other guy was dead! Instant friends and bodyguards. We played 18 holes and I pitched them on Wallstrip while they pitched me on MyTrade. They backed me all the way and I backed them.

Once again, all the connections were from blogging .

Of course they made a ‘How We Started Video’, with some great cameos. Check out the return of the wonderful Lindsay Campbell (more ‘STRIP’, less WALL in this one).


  1. georgie says:

    Finally, an easier way to make money!
    Guys, if you feel you are strong enough, take part in this competition. You can win loads of prizes too!

    All the best!

  2. Gregory says:

    Hi Howard,

    Mytrade is OK, but if you forget your password, you are screwed … there is no way to get into the site, and no way to contact anyone and no way to get a reminder.

    Ask them to add a “I am an idiot and forgot my passowrd” button to the front login page, so that i can get in again :-(

  3. D says:

    Lots of potential at mytrade, but I’ve had the same “forgot password” problem noted by Gregory. I also set up a watchlist and a group of charts for stocks I want to monitor but when I return, they all revert to MSFT.

    Maybe I just havent figured it out yet, but either way, I’ll skip the hassle for now.

  4. ToddinFL says:


    I thought it was Andy who had the black eye – which he got from a sharp elbow in basketball game and then showed it on his website.

    Now if his brother also had a black eye, then whoooooah baby. Must be elbows flyin’ everywhere.

    Good thing I’m a little 5′-11″ shooting guard who sits out by the arc. No way I’d want to tangle with those guys. :)

  5. Andy Swan says:

    Guys…thanks for the feedback. Great points and we’re on it :)

    Thanks for kind words H…and for all your help as investor/friend.

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