Nasdaq Back at All-Time Highs…Then and Now

In March 2000 when the Nasdaq last hit all-time highs…

My grandmothers were day trading;

Microsoft’s software was eating the world and giving us indigestion;

Donald Trump was only bankrupt twice;

Mark Zuckerberg was 15.

Today the Nasdaq closed back at all-time highs and…

A grandmother runs the Federal Reserve;

People have Apple and Google software running their lives but still complain about software;

Donald Trump’s hair is somehow thicker and blonder;

Mark Zuckerberg donated $3 billion to fight cancer (hopefully not through a Trump foundation).

Sixteen years from today I will be 67 and…

I will be drinking soylent through a straw;

I will be complaining about my autonomous car and my prostate;

I will still be sharing cat gifs like this:

I will still own $goog and $amzn

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