Netflix Should Buy Kickstarter…and It’s Hard to Be a Bear in the Age of Windfall Celebrityism, Bitcoins and Consumer Delight

I have no position in Netflix. I put one in in December (on the Stocktwits stream) when the stock was in the 90’s and went to hang with some very smart people who had me convinced the Disney Deal was going to kill them. I let outside opinions influence (people I trusted that were super smart) the price and catalysts that were the reason for my investment in the first place. Now the stock has doubled. The catalyst may or may not be fully priced in, but Netflix is dominating on engagement and eyeballs.

Now they are back and have a strong currency in their stock. These things don’t last forever and Netflix knows this now better than anyone.

I can see them making acquisitions that control future talent. I mean if you can’t control old media, why not corner new media.

If Netflix buys Kickstarter (and leaves it alone), talented products and content will continue to surface which Netflix can speed to market as well as anyone and deliver the marketing and engagement that matter at the right time.

Netflix is just a $10 billion company and $AMZN is $120 billion. I like the Netflix subscription model better and a play into ecommerce and talent commerce (basically the distributed CAA and movie studio of the future) would be cemented.

Could it happen?

Maybe Amazon will read this and make the first move.

Either way, hard to be a bear in the age of windfall celebrityism, bitcoins and consumer delight.


  1. it’s a bit cliche to talk about potential $aapl acquisitions, but kickstarter seems perfect — as it combines hardware and content, and could fit nicely into apple’s itunes / appstore ecosystem.

    otherwise, i’d love to see $amzn buy them… similar to $aapl, has the mix of hardware and content, plus kickstarter already uses amazon’s payment processing.

  2. M. Edward (Ed) Borasky says:

    Bitcoin again? Please stop with the Bitcoin. ;-) But seriously, there’s apparently some massive campaign to promote Bitcoin and it’s sibling Litecoin. There are even people selling automated Bitcoin trading bots now!

    Was it Warren Buffett that said, “Never invest in something you don’t understand?” Because I don’t think *anyone* understands Bitcoin. I see nothing but hype and shaking heads. It looks like ‘pump and dump’ to me.

    • Tangent Style says:

      When you say ‘understand Bitcoin’ are you referring to the algorithm that underlies it? Or its roll in transactions and markets? I think people understand the 1st, and the 2nd is still being defined.

      And Howard, ideas like the NFLX-Kickstarter one are the reasons I am happy I read this blog. You don’t hear anyone with that idea or talking out its reasoning anywhere else

  3. William Mougayar says:

    But does Netflix have to buy Kickstarter to gain distribution for Indie movies? They could do an exclusive distribution deal with them, no?

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