New York to Tel Aviv

I am safely landed and working in Tel Aviv for the week.

Sunday is a workday here. I am excited to head over to Etoro’s HQ and catch up.

Last year I saw a lot of cybersecurity pitches and this year I expect a lot of pitches around the blockchain and more fintech.

I don’t plan on following the markets much as it’s a full week of pitches and events. I liked this post from Ukarlewitz about how the millennials have already overtaken the boomers. Have a read.

Other than the silly volatility in Bitcoin, the talk of last week was the divergence between junk bonds and equities. It may be prudent to take some profits if this persists.

PS – The view from my airplane leaving New York Saturday eve was specatacular…

I just finished a nice long run on the beach in Tel Aviv as well…

Have a great Sunday and rest of the week.

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