NIRP…I Was Promised Negative Interest Rates from Main Stream Media and All I Got was Trump

Back in August the world was ending because of negative interest rates or NIRP.

Here is the Wall Street Journal in August offering you everything you needed to know.

Not to pick on these asshats because they chase news like the average person chases stocks (perpetuating the whole trend thing which I of course live off), but thanks WSJ for marking the bottom in rates.

I am sure they advised to load up on gold and silver and of course reminded you that Bitcoin was a fad.

I look forward to the next WSJ article telling me how to survive in a rising interest rate world.

Not sure if we should complain about ‘fake’ news or ‘real’ financial reporting.

Happy thanksgiving and remember to be nice to your mentors and if you do not have mentors be nice to some people you want to be your mentors.

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