Overheard on StockTwits: Time to Short Real Estate? IYR, Commodities Ugly, Uber-Bearish Sentiment

Futures were down big last night only to rebound this morning and then sell off again.  Here’s today’s morning StockTwits buzz:

Merger Monday is back but the euphoria associated with it was short lived.  It’s the reaction to the news not the news itself.

I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about the action in the Chinese markets, which has been very unhealthy as of late.  @jf789 points out that its not translating to stocks such as $BIDU.

Interesting that Boone Pickens is holding a ton of $RIG.

Now that is some bearish sentiment:

Yet people are still seeing bearish setups:

It could finally be a good time to take the short real estate trade although those who have tried to short it have gotten killed over the past year.

We mentioned the bearish activity in $HG_F and $CL_F last week.  The trend continues


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