Paired Trade Contest Results and the NEW IMPROVED 2007 Paired Trade Contest

The Lindzon first semi-annual paired trade contest is officially over.

Not close. Andy Swan killed us with his short of Bulletin Board stock MNCS. It is truly amazing how so many of the entrants shorted strength and bought weak stocks. Google was the top short choice. As Cramer would say – WROMG!

Here is Andy’s YODA like entry post:

Short MNCS

Whoops…both are against the trend, and MNCS likely against the “rules” since it’s an OTCBB likely pump and dump…

But I want that broken IPOD!!!

I owe Andy a used iPod and pair of Crocs knockoffs (size 18?). The PRICK just happens to be in town next week from Louisville and will hound me for collection!

Nice job Andy.

Let’s start the next contest. Please post your paired trade NOW!

I will throw in a broken Blackberry with all my contacts as well for this one :) .

UPDATE – as a bonus – please add a web business non public – you are long and one you are short.


  1. Howard Lindzon says:

    Steven – nice

    ok for real – Li=ong MyBlogLog/short Digg

    and SHORT RUSSIA (TRF), long EWM (malaysia)

  2. eddie Daroza says:

    steven i’m calling you out on this one: short mybloglog, long myspace. mybloglog is a great idea, but i think someone else is going to do it way better. who knows, but see you in one year. oh yeah, and myspace and bloglog shouldnt really be compared. apples and oranges.

  3. candice says:

    mybloglog just isn’t that sticky. People spend all day on myspace (or facebook) and that sort of thing.

    I need to acquire a blackberry for testing stuff. But no picks from me for now.

  4. candice says:

    mine: long BP, short SUNW. Figure BP for a big acquisition or merge, and Sun’s been trying to fall apart for years.

    Besides, I like BP, they are way easier to work with than most of our oil company clients.

  5. Todd says:

    Regarding non public web businesses, I have to agree with Candice’s assessment.

    As for the stock picks:

    Long: HD
    Short: AXR

    Size 18 Crocs ??? Those are some large flippers.

  6. Bill aka NO DooDahs says:

    “No picks from me for now” – just wait 50 minutes. LOL

    Long AKAM, short RIMM. Taking the first half of that on the open, waiting on the RIMM until after the New Year’s pop.

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  8. Andy says:

    The sour taste of defeat has left you bitter Howard.

    Oh–and don’t think I didn’t catch the 2007 prize irony. My daughter plays with that “broken Blackberry with all my contacts” on a daily basis and now you make it the prize in 07…

    So now I must defend the crown to avoid being ostrasized at home as well as in the blogging community.

    Well played, well played.

  9. Howard Lindzon says:

    Andy – size 15 on order. They are looking for a special rubber plant

    I just dropped the iPod again. I added some of your faves – britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

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  11. Steven says:

    yeah me out after you are done being hung over…I think you still got them beer goggles on…lol shoudla took the advice of your wise elders chugged some pace picante sauce…lol

  12. Steven says:

    Holy crap stock picks from Candice. And here I thought she was way to smart to engage in such low brow pursuits. :) Welcome to the jungle…lol

  13. Steven says:

    Hey I was promised one of those shirts too…I got the email somewhere…lol.

    By the way, there is a story being floated that Howard is fresh out of EA (Entrepreneurs Anonymous) read all about it at


  14. Howard Lindzon says:

    shirst – we owe 10 people plus shirts – I think our store finally goes live tomorrow so we will be able to send some.

  15. Andy says:

    Howard: “Andy, what big feet you have”

    Andy: “The better to STOMP the competition in the paired trade contest, my dear!”

    Do you have anymore WallStrip shirts…I want one with “HE HATE ME” on the back. :)

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