This blog will now be plainly about Google Juice as I have pissed my fund away on the Hang Sang tonight…NOT!

I am in this trade, not because of my friend the FLY, he entered a few days after me. He has bigger balls than me and much like him, I will retreat if I must to protect my ass. Not sure quite yet, but I have some butterflies and can’t poop. Here is The Fly’s take:

This failure is indicative of a failed society. One that let a corrupt government lead it by the nose into financial, moral and social bankruptcy, which inevitably may lead to national default.

Erroneously, I find myself long equities in the midst of this crisis. My plans, as always, is to slaughter them all. No seriously, I will be forced to duck and cover tomorrow. I might have to throw on some lightening fast hedges, in order to stem my losses. Moreover, I will look for a “real bottom” to form, around Dow 3,000—giving me motivation to lever up and get long some General Electric Company (GE: 19.01 -7.94%) around $4.

No matter how much money you lose, always remember, there are armies of space aliens out there waiting to abduct you and perform anal cavity searches. Do not let those little big eyed green fuckers capture you and laser beam you up into their spaceships. They are first class asshats.

I am on a flight to New York tomorrow and will be helping Soren prepare for Betworks Day over the weekend (an angel investor in StockTwits), where Soren will wear a Speedo, thongs and a tie and complain of space aliens, while unleashing StockTwits on the multitude of Media exceutives with bad weaves and blackberry addictions.

I look forward to landing and seeing my account down another 3-5 percent once i fire up my iPhone, unless a miracle happens.

One piece of good news is that I have always said Cramer must be gone from CNBC before a new bull market emerges. Luckily, the whole of GE may disappear first. If not, Cramer’s panic call (well done sir) has gotten him enough fame where he can now appear on Dr. Phil and leave the CNBC asshats in the dust. Cramer is a survivor, while CNBC is pit of despair.

Viva CRAMERica!