Passive My Ass!

I read today that Vanguard now owns seven percent of the S&P 500.

No doubt it is a huge chunk, but I thought it would be higher by now.

One thing that may keep Vanguard at bay a few more years is that active managers are actually doing a better job this year and last.

Your problem and mine is obviously predicting when that might happen.

On this blog though, I take any good data on active management as a positive because I believe EVERY person should be active and there is no such thing as passive investing.

I have put my money where my mouth is the last 12 years on this blog offering up ideas and lists to help people trounce the market.

Last year I started the very inexpensive monthly ‘Peloton‘ ($79/year) to outline a favorite single idea per month of that could trounce the markets. In just the first seven months each ideas has beat the S&P and five of the ideas have been massive winners ranging from 800 percent down to 30 percent.

In 2013 I wrote ‘Stock PIcking – Just Do It!’

In 2017 I explained once again ‘Why I Invest in Stocks

Bull markets do NOT end because of time

I hope millions more millennials can get a taste of this bull market with the fantastic products and networks at their fingertips to learn the power of saving, investing and compounding.

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