Patience…The Pause that REFRESHES

This was a long overdue selloff. But, other than crap stocks, I don’t see much damage.

Sirius is back over three and that concerns me more than China. This is worthless paper and if it runs, thats my ‘froth’ tell.

Oil is back over $75 and my USO, the oil ETF and dirtbag stock of my portfolio is now strongly profitable.

“All we need is just a little patience…”


  1. Rob says:

    Howard, have you ever considered the Claymore oil ETF: UCR? Seems to be much more leveraged and more accurate than the USO.

  2. J Livermore says:

    Howard you have been dead wrong on SIRI and dead wrong on Interactive brokers. You’re a trend figher not a trend follower. If the market thought SIRI was worthless paper it would reflect in the price. Get a grip.

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    Welcome Jesse.

    Read my sirius posts. use search. I have been dead right.

    dead wrng on ibkr, but this is not about being perfect.

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