Pepsi Can Buy Russia and Make America Smoke Again

Fox news and Trump long for the late 70’s and early 80’s because we could smoke on airplanes and dance disco with Donald Trump at Studio 54.

I on the other hand will take my chances saying America has never been greater based on the following:

Legal Weed

But, what is the world thinking right now?

A bunch of charts jumped out at me in the last few days and they all point to the rest of the world getting on in a post Trump nationalist America. This piece from Bloomberg on ‘thinking global‘ was also excellent.

Great American companies start everyday and are incredibly resilient.

Take the old American institution of cigarettes and smoking.

America loved their cigarettes back in 1980. Today we only love them half as much:

Despite the poisonous death and destruction created by Philip Morris (Marlboro) and America quitting, the stock has climbed from 30 cents in 1980 to $76 today.

The world is a big place.

As the political media buries us in Russia/Trump headlines, remember that Pepsi is bigger than the entire Russian Stock market.

The higher powers will not have a country the size of Pepsi run the United States.

Finally, if you think Asia is scared of Trump, thing again:

The headlines are frightening and sad but headlines are for suckers.

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