Peter Thiel is a Genius…You are Just a Taxpayer!

Oh dear lord Peter Thiel sold his Facebook.

We should send Peter Thiel to Singapore.

He’s evil.

It’s all his fault that $FB is down 50 percent.

He’s a ‘tawdry’ bugger according to Jim Cramer (I admit I had to look up Tawdry).

Sadly, as I wrote about post IPO, the enormous Facebook(sharing) tax has been unleashed. Storing your pictures was not going to be free forever. The ‘social graph’ was just as expensive as Global Crossing and Qwest and Worldcom. Boohoo.

At least it’s built.

Fire your mutual fund or financial advisor for burying you in $FB. If you bought it yourself, own up to your laziness in not taking the first loss.

You can get in front of these taxes, not rolled by them.


  1. TrendRida says:

    LOL, I had to look up Tawdry too. I can understand regular Joes whinning about Peter Theil making a mint in FB, but investors? U should include your tweet about Theil redeploying the cash in other investments. That was a great point…

  2. Savage1701 says:

    I know several smart people that shorted the stock in the high 30’s. They are doing very well.

    Of course, the mainstream, cheerleader media never tells people that shorting is a viable investing strategy with a legitimate time and place. Anyone who shorted FB, ZNGA and/or GRPN is doing just fine.

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