Pluto is Out – I never liked Pluto

I am short the planet Pluto.


I assume all American : “dwarfs” will now be up in arms.


Let me just say that Pluto never deserved to be part of Solar System.

Too many franchises and bad accounting.

Finally a good decision is made under this administration.

I assume Disney will be dropping Pluto as well. I am frontrunning that inevitable move.


  1. Loren Feldman says:

    Glad you picked up on this buddy. This is a big story and everybody else is worried about making money and becoming famous. Huge story the loss of planet. Freaky actually.

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  3. candice says:

    But you can also note that we’re getting more planets, total, now that Ceres and the far ones are going to be christened officially.

    (And I so read about this last week. Where’s my nerd sticker.)

  4. Site Visitor says:

    Interesting that you mention this. This story on Pluto ran on the WSJ just yesterday. It could have dire consequences for a lot of folks, and markets alike. You should never say that you “never” liked Pluto. It is a planet of Strength as well. So, just because a bunch of folks at IAU decided to make this a ‘dwarf planet’ doesn’t mean that other astromers/astrologers are going to remove Pluto just for that sake.

    Happy writing.

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