Podtech.Net is Podtech.YAWN

Through some linkbaiting today I was forced to head over to Podtech.net – a $5.5 million venture backed startup that’s mission must be:

“An alternative for people that want SLEEP without drugs”

So here is what they have done with their $5.5 million – hired Robert Scoble and built a player (You Tube’s was not good enough, or Veoh’s or VSocial’s or Blip’s…. )

Genius. It seems to be doing wonders for their Alexa ranking.

Now, if you want to watch Robert Scoble drink triple lattes for 40 minutes talking to some geek about his thingawajiggy, this is still not a site worth your time. It just blows.

Here he is spending fourty freaking minutes talking about the Zune. He calls it in depth. Let me save you the time Robert and do the Zune in one second…check the store shelves because no one has bought one.

What you can do instead is go to Gabe Rivera’s self funded TechMeme and get everything you need to know about what’s going on in the tech and internet space.

People in glass houses…

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