More Proud Dad Twitter Please

Yesterday Twitter asked the public to measure how toxic it is.

(smacks forehead for the millionth time).

The company knows the answer, what to do to show they know and whose heads to cut, but still acts like we do not. They have an unfixable problem at this point but will never sound sincere asking the question in 2018.

Luckily, I live on Venture and silly Twitter and avoid the hateful conversations.

I saw this Tweet the other day from Jim Oshaugnessy that made me smile:

Jim points out a great article about Patrick OShaugnassey that we should read.

Patrick is Jim’s 32 year old son who has recently taken over as CEO of Jim’s $6 billion asset management firm.

I chimed in to the conversation with ‘Proud dad Twitter is cool’.

I have not met Patrick, but recently met Jim at Josh Brown’s office party in New York.

I was out of costume wearing a three piece suit and not my regular jeans and t-shirt, so when I walked up to Jim, I am sure he thought we would have a regular chat about the markets and strategy and money. Josh introduced us and Jim mentioned that he knew who I was and followed me on Twitter.

It made no difference, as I was in that mood that was going to say obscure things off subject to try and get Jim to laugh and or shake his head and walk away from me. Jim stood in there and laughed at all my shtick. Most of my questions were about his family. Turns out OShaugnessy is an Irish name!

Anyways, Jim is a hell of a cool dad and proud to have his son as CEO.

Patrick started as an intern at 22 years of age and obviously got the bug and loves the markets. I have not met him, but have listened to his fast growing podcast that are inspired by his curiousity and passion for early stage investing and of course the markets.

His ‘invest with the best podcast‘ is something I have linked to before. I highly recommend you spend some time going through the archives.

I look forward to hanging with Jim again one day and eventually meeting Patrick.

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