Proud Uncle

I love being an uncle.

Today I am in Tucson for my nephew Eli’s graduation, with honors, from the University of Arizona. He is the son of my wife’s twin sister. I am proud of him. He already has his first job lined up in Scottsdale working for Indeed. His girlfriend helped him find the job by searching Indeed. I met Eli the day he was born and now we are chatting about networking dinners. He would be a true millennial if not for the fact that he is graduating without a pile of debt. He realizes how lucky he is and will do great.

I also helped Rachel pack up after her first year of dorm life in the honors dorm of University of Arizona.

I have FOUR nephews at the University of Arizona keeping an eye on my sweet Rachel. Ben, Reuben, Eli and Jeremy. They are ALL in the honors college. They are all best friends. They are all amazing kids.

Next year one last nephew from the Phoenix crew, Aaron, will join them in the honors school.

I have three younger nephews in Portland, Ari, Noah and Ezi, who I don’t get to see very often. I hope to spend some time with them this summer in Coronado.

I also have a nephew in Toronto, Brandon, who is a rockstar and at his first post college job.

I have a nephew Jake who is in high school in Florida. He wants to attend University of Arizona with my son Max. Jake has a wise soul for a teen and is wicked smart and independent.

All of Rachel’s girl cousins, my nieces, live in Toronto. We text and I see them share the occasional Instagram. Jordy, my eldest niece was on a path to being a Venture Capitalist but switched gears and went out on her own to start an interior design company called ‘Curated Cabin‘. I also was lucky to meet her the day she was born and have been to her wedding and now get to see her thrive at her passion. She is already getting cover pieces in Toronto design magazines:

My Niece Sami just graduated with a PHD and will work with special need children in Toronto with a leader in research around the brain. She is pure heart and soul. I spent so much time with her and her sister Jordy because they were my first nieces and I just adored them. It’s fun to be able to chat with them as adults.

My youngest two nieces, Amanda and Bailee, have grown up fast and Bailee attends my old University, The University of Western Ontario and is off to Israel for the summer with friends. Bailee is in high school will be the last to go to college. She can handle the responsibility.

I am a lucky uncle for sure.

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