Referees in the NBA have always sucked 'Balls'…Now they Gamble Too

I have always thought you should have no referees in hoops. Basically, there is always contact.

I am not a real conspiracy theorist, just one when it fits my view.

We all the know the Suns were screwed by David Stern’s rule making for Game 5, now we know that the quick 3 Fouls on Stoudemire and Steve Nash grabbing that started in Game 3, in San Antonio was helped along by a dirty referee. It does us no good now.

I gave up my tickets to the Sun’s, not because of this bad ref, but because the NBA is led by a bunch of idiots who think they know everything. This just cements it.

My friend Alan Warms sent me the good ESPN link . I have really let the whole Suns thing go, and really could care less about the League’s problems now that I don’t endore it by paying the stupid ticket prices, but it is a great article. does rock. No offense to Sportsline (CBS).

The Money quote:

“Imagine being a Suns fan right now. You just spent the past two months believing that your team got screwed by the Stoudemire/Diaw suspensions, that you would have won Game 1 if Nash didn’t get hurt, that you would have taken Game 3 if you hadn’t been screwed by the officials, that you would have cruised in Game 5 if two of your best guys weren’t suspended for running toward their best player as he lay in a crumpled heap. Now it looks like an allegedly compromised referee worked Game 3.”

Well, how much did Donaghy affect the game? How many calls did he whistle on Stoudemire? How many of Bowen’s potential fouls did he not call? Was he the seemingly incompetent schmuck who made that three-seconds-too-late call on Ginobili? Did Tim Donaghy cost you that game?

The joys of being a conspiracy theorist :) .


  1. James says:

    Howard, regardless of your problems with the league I think it’s a shame your giving up tickets to go watch one of the most entertaining NBA teams of all time.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    you pay, I will go happily.

    I will pick and choose my games and by themon the street

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    by the way Trader mike – cuban owns a team and this incident brings down the vale. as usual, Mark is just talking out of the side of his ass that suits him.

    If he didnt own the mavs, he would be chiding stern.

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