The Rockstar …Liam Gallagher Speaks For Every Old and Angry Pre-Internet Person

This rant made my day.

Liam is a rockstar (my friend John Maloney calls him a legend..fine). I love Oasis. I am listening to a few songs now as a tribute to this post.

There is so much truthiness in Liam’s rant.

Music has really changed. I guess I am part of the problem as I once lived on iTunes and now live on Spotify. I do not pay enough!

I guess the thousands of classic rock songs I flip through and play each day will have to do.

Being a rockstar was never easy and now it is harder.

Yo Liam:


Post YouTube, Uber and AirBNB…everyone is a rockstar!

Just today, Tadas posted this awesome piece on how investing was never easy and just getting harder.

The bigger problem for investors may be that the challenge of investing is only likely to get more difficult. Michael Mauboussin in his book and elsewhere has discussed the idea of the ‘paradox of skill.’ Mauboussin describes it:

In investing, as in many other activities, the skill of investors is improving on an absolute basis but shrinking on a relative basis. As a consequence, the variance of excess returns has declined over time and luck has become more important than ever…This process is called the paradox of skill.

Above all, Mauboussin says investors need to play “attractive games” where they are not the obvious patsy. This is easier said than done. For investors who don’t want to play the active investment game there are plenty of options. For those who choose to continue to play, remember that investing wasn’t ever easy and likely won’t be getting easier any time soon

I think this rant should be a meme and I hope some leaders in other industries pick up on it.

I expect more rants like this from older people in every profession.

PS – Speaking of old, angry and in this case ‘potential rockstar/legend’ this quote from LaVar Ball on the price and timing changes to the new ‘Big Baller‘ is an instant classic:

“What happens if you ordered a 2017 diesel, and I came out and told you, sight unseen, that I was giving you a 2018 Bugatti for the same price?” Ball said. “You wouldn’t ask for a refund.”

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