Rooting for Kevin Stadler….and Stocktwits

I love golf…I love markets.

Back when Jim Cramer created TheStreet, I would always wondered why they did not use golf as a community builder. The demographic overlap between market enthusiasts and golfers seemed perfect. ‘Play Golf with Jim Cramer’…’Learn to invest with Jim Cramer and get some first class golf instruction by _______________’, but community was never something they focused on. Obviously, Jim is not a golfer.

This week, Kevin Stadler, who is in the final pairings today at The Phoenix Open with Bubba Watson, has the Stocktwits logo on his golf bag.


The backstory is a fun one. One of my best friends in San Diego is Adrian Reyes who Max and I play a lot of golf with. Adrian grew up playing golf with Kevin Stadler and was his roommate at USC where they both played college golf. They remain best buddies.

A few weeks ago Adrian said to me, let’s just get our logo over to Kevin and we will figure out how to work Kevin (who is extremely conservative financially) into the community and the social web.

So we did. Kevin did the rest. He has also played great this weekend.

My son and I are in Phoenix watching:


We had dinner with Adrian, Kevin and his friends on Friday night and had a blast.

I have a good feeling for Kevin today getting his first win.

He can talk about it at our next Stocktoberfest. In the meantime, you can follow him on Stocktwits as ‘StadsPGA‘.

UPDATE….He won….woot!


  1. JasonRaznick says:

    This is so awesome. Glad to be an investor in ST today. Go Stadler!!! Let us know if you’ll be there.

  2. William Mougayar says:

    Very cool. What sport is next- Racing cars? Basketball? Hockey? C’mon, you must have celebrity friends that aren’t just in golf :)

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