Santa Claus Rally, The Jewish Jaunt and/or The Festivus Stock Feast…A Trend NOT to be Ignored

More goodness from Eddy at CrossingWallStreet .

If you can’t be bullish or find ideas fine, but don’t be a putz and stand in front of this trend.

Disclosure- Jewish and questioning why this is not deemed a Festivus Rally or the Jewish Jaunt of Channukah.


  1. Andy Swan says:

    This market is engaged in the “feats of strength” portion of a festivus rally. Of course, onlookers are cautious ahead of the potentially explosive “airing of grievances”.

  2. Bruce says:

    the jewish jaunt? surely you jeste .. thats all the jews need, is another reason for people to hate them

    we gave them Jesus Christ, a whole other religion thats good for the economy to boot & this is the thanks we get

    i heard jesus was on shrooms when he came up with the santa/reindeer/elf bit … sheer genius .. what a marketing team … Jews have regretted giving him up long ago but are too proud to admit they fucked up bigtime

  3. Tim Knight says:

    OK, now I know what I must sound like when I’m gloating. With the shoe on the other foot, I think I’ll try to take it easy next time.

  4. Howard Lindzon says:

    I am not gloating just explaining whats going on and enjoying the fruits of my work. I do think you gloat though :) .

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