Snaps to Snapchat…The Camera Company that Is Not a Camera

So Snapchat starts trading today under $SNAP.

Talk about perfect timing by Snapchat with the markets surging to all-time highs.

My daughter Rachel, who has a hot hand, will be adding $SNAP to her portfolio.

Over on Stocktwits we ran a quick contest asking the community where Snapchat would open for trading and as of bedtime we are at 800 price predictions. A quick eyeball of the whole stream is bullish.

One of our community members analyzed the first 100 and shared the data:

It’s fun to see how this all works in real time on the streams.

As for my take take on the IPO and markets today…I give you Stephen Colbert:

The ‘Super Dupe’ rally of 2017 is relentless and ok with me (I own a lot of stocks).

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