Software Ate A Lot Of The World Since December… Relative Strength Primer

Back in December as the market was crashing, I shared some software stock ideas in this post titled ‘which software is eating the world relatively best’. The specific stocks I mentioned included:


Because the market has now reversed course and crashed to the upside I wanted to check back in.

As you can see from the graph, the six stocks have had monster gains over the 90 so days.

Using Koyfin, tracking my research posts like this has been really easy. You can track the peer group I used in this Koyfin Dashboard. You can update the dashboard with different metrics, and share with your friends.

It feels good to be right.

December was a mess, but I knew there was opportunity.

Even better…everyone has the same free tools that I use to do this. Software is eating the world and feeding the people that use it well.

The trend is now our friend again, but my guess is this would be a good time to panic first and take some profits.