Sparkfin – A New Way to Profit in Stocks

It’s an amazing time to be a stock market investor. A whole generation now works and lives on its smartphones, carries market access in their pocket, and is no more than a few taps away from commission free trades with a brokerage like Robinhood. 

It’s a streamlined process that would have been unthinkable just a few years back. Yet, up until now, a key component for truly frictionless trading — seamless idea generation — was still missing. We built the SparkFin app to solve that problem. 

I am the CEO of StockTwits and had this idea for a ‘Spotify’ of market data that I shared with my friend Jason Pang. In a mobile world, the workflows of bundling and unbundling market data had to change. Jason jumped at the chance to build the product and start the company. He raised capital (including a lead investment from our fund Social Leverage and other great FinTech investors). He quickly assembled a great team to build a difficult back end and user friendly front end. Our goal is to become a daily idea and data habit of the Robinhood and StockTwits generation.
Here is the discover screen where  we can place key lists or portfolios of the day. Today our Data DJ’s threw up my watchlist that people can follow.


One of my favorite lists I check daily is stocks making 52 week highs. Now I can use Sparkfin to check all day in real time. 


I am really excited to have a mobile app that speeds up my idea workflow for markets and stocks. Anyone can build their watchlist and follow others. If their is a special list you have built and want us to replicate for the app just let me know. 

Download it today in the App Store (iOS only for now) by searching Sparkfin.