Sparkfin Upgrades… And the Constellation of Financial Apps 

I was interviewed by Xconomy recently as to my idea for Sparkfin and why we led an investment in the product

Lindzon and Pang founded SparkFin last year, and are now closing a $1.5 million seed round to fund the startup’s operations through the beginning of next year. Investors include Lindzon’s Social Leverage fund, Joanne Wilson from Gotham Gal Ventures, Roger Ehrenberg, MATH ventures, and Anthemis Group, said Pang, an engineer and entrepreneur who is SparkFin’s CEO

Today, the SparkFin Team is proud to announce that our newest build, version 2.3, is live. But don’t let the incremental increase fool you. That 0.3 extra packs a tremendous punch. In the latest version of our app we have included a fully functioning notification system that lets you know when your watchlist items are making big moves – either up or down – as well as alerting you to when the stocks you follow are hitting new 52-week highs. But that’s not all. Each week we hand curate, from thousands of stocks, the 10 that we think you should keep your eyes on, and notify you when that list is live.

Our goal at SparkFin is to help you reimagine the workflow around stock discovery so that you can be a more efficient and profitable investor. This new build is just the latest step towards bringing you a one-stop destination for all your stock market investing and trading needs.

Here is my 8-80 list that anyone can follow and soon …be able to remix and reshare. For now follow as many lists (both technical and fundamental) as you like.