The State of The Markets…2015

Things have for sure gotten tougher in the markets despite the free money, low interest rate environment.

The 10 year yield in the USA is below 1.80 percent. You can buy that, not me. I would rather have cash and a few bitcoins below $200.

Despite the boom in biotech and private investing, the overall ‘tape’ has changed. I could share a pile of data points, but here are just a few

Even I am short a few indexes (at the moment and that can change on Stocktwits streams quickly).

The crowd I follow has been light on stocks a while. A few even got gold at the beginning of the year.

I have mostly been watching, but:

Oil has crashed

Hackers are front page news and it feels more real than ever.

Russia and the Ruble went Kaput.

Venezuela is a goner again.

Greece…is Greece

The Euro is NERF

The USA tech industry is most excited about Detroit.

The big banks while surviving the fines and regulation have not really been thinking about the future will see relentless attacks at profitable units and their best people will flee.

The good news is the same as the bad news…the above crashes have happened and you are still standing.

The question is, do these crashes and events mean anything to the assets in your portfolio that have not crashed and even risen.

I would say it is a great time to rethink your positions and check in with your Robo Advisor.


  1. Benjamin Page says:

    speaking about robo advisors … would be interested in to read your thoughts on them. maybe for another blog post. :)

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