State of The Stock Market – A Lot is Going Right…and The Right People Do Not Care

1. Do you own Union Pacific ($UNP)? I don’t. The railroad bubble was in the 1800’s!

2. How about $UPS? nope. Brown is so boring.

3. Teletech ($TTEC)?….don’t lie…you have never heard of it either until now. Totally makes sense based on it’s homepage that the stock is rocking.

4. India ($IFN)? Disney cares.

5. Other Emerging Markets ($EEM)? Oh I thought Russia was imploding?

I attended three conferences this week, Paddy Cosgrove’s Technology Collision Conference in Vegas – not a bear in the house, The Suntrust Internet Conference in San Francisco (cautiously optimistic), and The Salt Conference in Vegas – the world will end and if you invest in my hedge fund you would know when.

I don’t remember any of the five ideas being discussed much if at all. These are not interesting or sexy ideas, markets or companies, but they are working. If you follow price strength (I do) you have been seeing them pop up on stock screens, but not much discussion even on Stocktwits. That’s bullish.

If you follow the internet, you hear about e-commerce and Fedex and Amazon, but UPS is rarely discussed or the pipes that help UPS and others ship bazillions in goods around the US (railroads).

If you go see the Disney movie ‘Million Dollar Arm’ two things stand out other than it’s a blockbuster for Disney:

1. India is poor, they like to honk their horns and doing business in country seems impossible.

2. Under Armor ($UA) spent a pile of cash to be in every scene of the movie.

The markets are open, they are working, they are global, local and connected more than ever. Sometimes you have to just get outside from behind your desk and mingle to see it for yourself.

This week I am in New York City, but I hope to write some more about this week of conferences and the interesting state of the markets right now.

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