Stealing Palooza…

This weekend was a blur.

Our annual Palooza went off without a hitch.

The founders did great, the LP’s had a great time and the speakers in our fireside chats crushed.

At the last minute, I asked Kelvin Beachum if he had a few minutes for a fireside chat. Kelvin was introduced to me just a few weeks ago by a friend because he likes to invest in technology startups and lives not to far from me in Phoenix.

We had a great conversation about life and investing and I invited him to network at our event. He took me up on the offer.

Kelvin was drafted 5th last in (248th) in the 2012 NFL draft. On March 10, 2017, the New York Jets signed Beachum to a three-year, $24 million contract that includes $12 million guaranteed and a signing bonus of $4.5 million.

He let all the founders know that he’s still a little pissed about the draft!

Kelvin had a lot of great advice and we had a lot of laughs. In 13 years we have never taped the chats, but I really wish this one had been caught on tape. His Twitter feed is great.

My friend Michael Katz did share one picture in his Instagram Story yesterday:

Kelvin took off for New York – and the annual weigh in for the Jets – right after his chat. He has a lot of new fans from around the world.

Here is a piece Forbes recently did on Kelvin.