Stocktoberfest 2013 – ‘It Had a Beat and My Eyes Could Dance To It!’

We just had a great few days with investors on Coronado for Stocktoberfest 2014.

We attracted people from Russia, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Norway, India, London and all over the US. We had product executives from CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, Dow Jones, Etrade, Wisdom Tree and IDC to look at financial web startups presenting.

We talked about many huge global investing trends like the Financial web itself, Obesity, Mobile, Bitcoin/Money, Africa, The Internet of Things, Wearable Computing and the tickers that may benefit the most. We had startups from entrepreneurs attacking these industries/opportunities demonstrate their products to add context to these trends.

From my non perfect culling of the crowd, here were some favorites:

Favorite PresentationFrank Lortsch from Array Analytics – ‘Making Big Money from Big Data’

Best Hair – JC Parets

Best Quotes of the conference – “It’s got a beat and my eyes can dance to it” – Michael Parekh in describing the fantastic ChartIQ

“Sitting is the new smoking” – Jeff Hyman

“The world is heading to the $35 smartphone and $35 club sandwich.” – Howard Lindzon

“I can’t even point to Netherlands on the map, but I love its chart” – JC Parets

Best Names for New Tech Startups – @JewBur (Moyles on Demand) Inspired by the awesome presentation by Ryan Graves of Uber.

Most Used Tagline or hashtag: Investing in the Fog (Andy Kessler)

Snappiest Dresser – James Koutoulas

Some ideas that caught my attention for more digging were Germany(Greg Harmon) and Africa (from Lydia)

On Friday, $GOOG gapped up over $100 and 10 percent. I mentioned to the audience that this does not happen at the end of bull markets, more likely the beginning of some big moves. I will be continuing to add market exposure into the markets for now.

I have been talking in the media all year (CNBC, Yahoo and our Stream) that Google itself is the best way to own a Technology ETF and to dollar cost average into the stock every month. Friday was yet another payoff. During the internet of Things presentations ‘Nest’ kept creeping into the conversation (a Google Investment) and during the Uber presentation – Google’s $258 million investment. Google is layering in capital to the best startups around the world. I assume it is the data that they – and only they – have that gives them an edge in problems the world wants solved now and the companies with the right traction to back.

I hope to share some or all of the presentation decks and more summaries from the conference over the next week.

I am already excited For #Stocktoberfest 2014. I have decided already to keep it on Coronado.


  1. pointsnfigures says:

    Your island.

    Was a good time, but more importantly, a creative time. I don’t think I got any hard and fast answers on individual stocks-but I certainly got some insight into big long time trends. You might call them “Big Rocks” that you can base a long term strategy on.

    I also think the networking was very good. It’s understated, but the people there were highly interesting to speak with. It will be fascinating to see if any new companies or ideas come out of Stocktoberfest.

    Is Bitcoin the 2010 Pet Rock, or not?

  2. Leigh Drogen says:

    The location is extremely important to the vibe of the conference. Deals get done when people aren’t all dressed up and at some fancy bar. I’ll bet the deck at the Del late on Thursday night becomes one of the most prolific fintech deal making spots ever in coming years.

  3. Laurie Itkin says:

    All you New Yorkers were envious that I live just over the bridge in San Diego. #Howardlindzon and #Stocktwits prove that San Diego is a hotbed for innovation in investing. Move your ass and come join us!

  4. J.C. Parets says:

    Great event as always Howard. And I agree with Drogen – keep it in Coronado. Deals get done on that Del deck. Cigars get smoked. Stocktoberfest attendees get escorted out because of the noise levels. All good things imo

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