Stocktoberfest 2017 …Coronado

I am really excited for our 7th Stocktoberfest on Coronado next week. This will be the first time I get to show up and enjoy without having to plan it.

From Ian our CEO –

Stocktoberfest West has always been the premier event where smart people get together to discuss the future of finance, technology, media, and investing.

For two days, we are bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, media, and influential companies from around the world, along with some other top researchers and thinkers for a casual but substantive discussion about the future of financial services.

For the first time ever you can watch the event live on our Facebook stream.

You can sign up here to get alerted when it begins on Friday morning

The lineup is fantastic ,

The markets and fintech are as fascinating as ever as October begins.

Today the $VIX closed at an all-time low,

The Best Strategy for 2017 was outlined by Charlie Bilello this morning:

Buy New Years Day
Buy Groundhog Day
Buy 4th of July
Buy Labor Day
Buy Rosh Hashanah
Buy Yom Kippur
Buy Halloween
Buy Christmas
Buy in May and Stay
Buy the Rumor, Buy the News
Buy the Dip, Buy the Rip
Be Greedy When Others Are Greedy
Bulls Make Money, Pigs Make More

I will be talking about trends I see in 2018 and we have JC, a panel of young money stars, leaders in Bitcoin and so much more.

I hope you tune in.

Have a great Friday.

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