Stocktwits ‘Daily Rip’ – Welcome TrueFacet as a New Sponsor

Our Stocktwits ‘Daily Rip‘ has quickly become a favorite of over 200,000 people.

The goal has been to take what happened on the streams all day and share the most interesting ideas, facts, charts and funny anecdotes in a quick read. Here is what it looks like each evening in your inbox:


The markets are for everyone, but the streams are not. Stocktwits is lucky to have so many dedicated market enthusiasts share ideas, links, charts, news, gif’s and videos in real time throughout the day. Our team has been working on features and products to make the granular (now well over 100,000 messages a day) more digestible for a new generation of investors.

With the growth comes sponsors. Stocktwits has been partnering with up and coming financial apps that we think our community will love.

This month we are switching gears to welcome TrueFacet as a sponsor to The Daily Rip.

TrueFacet sells pre-loved jewlery and watches in the most modern way. TrueFacet is based in New York and is bringing radical transparency to modern luxury by providing access to 100% authentic jewelry and watches at a fraction of the retail price. I know the founders well (here is their about page) and our fund Social Leverage is also an investor!

For the men who feel a tad guilty for pissing away the family fortune on an earnings option trade…share the wealth and the losses.

For the women who know their guys sit on Stocktwits all day talking about stocks…you are welcome.

For the ladies on Stocktwits…you will love the site and product.

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