Stocktwits Rooms – Who I Pay For

Last November, I wrote a detailed post titled ‘What I Read, What I Pay For, Who I Follow and How to Get Started Investing‘.

I noted at the end…

Now that Stocktwits has launched premium Rooms (group chats) I plan on spending $150/month for my favorite traders that set up there.

I am spending $80/month so far (here is a link to the premium rooms page), but love the different ideas I am seeing and how I am easily able to stay up on the markets from different viewpoints. The people that I pay for right now include:

Zortrades – Swing Trading ($39/month)

Ophir Gottlieb – Option Pattern Recognition ($9.99/month)

John Markman – Intermediate Term Trades ($5/month)

Mark Newton – Technical Trade Setups ($25/month)

The Stocktwits rooms are easy to sign up for because of Stripe payments. You pay monthly. The email alerts are the perfect way for me to stay on top of things because I might not check into the rooms on a daily basis.

Here is a sample of an email alert you get from a premium room owner:

This is a very tailored way to use Stocktwits for many that demand a simple way to check markets, get ideas and quality mentoring.

If you want to set up a ‘premium’ room, just hit me up and I will put you in touch with the team.

You can also set up a free room and invite your friends to have a great mobile and desktop group chat experience about stocks and markets.