Stocktwits Trending Tickers on Marketwatch… The Data has Signal and Signal Can Make You Money.

The Dow Jones’ Marketwatch site has rolled out the Stocktwits ‘trending ticker’ bar across their website. You can see it along the bottom of their pages. Here is what it looks like:


What’s always been unique about Stocktwits is what Fred Wilson coined about us in 2008 ‘If you love stocks and you love talking about them all day long…Stocktwits is for you.’

That fact makes our signal so interesting.

This year, our team is really focused on turning out a ‘Stocktwits Pulse’ of what our community is really digging up. Basically turning Stocktwits inside out for investors that want to check one deep page like a ‘Stocktwits Pulse’ or if you rely on Marketwatch, more trending and pulse info on their site. This will be rolling out very soon.

We are looking forward to working on much more content and ideas with the Marketwatch team.


  1. Breakingcall says:

    Congrats, Howard … looks great. I think MarketWatch users will be very interested in seeing what’s trending on StockTwits right at the bottom of their screen. Your trending ticker bar should provide a more dynamic real-time read on stocks than the MarketIQ social sentiment indicator.

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