Stocktwits – Is Unique Data an Edge?

The Short answer is YES. Unique data is a massive edge.

I have always known that Stocktwits data was unique and now our CEO Ian Rosen and the team are pulling out gems all the time to try and help get investors and traders out in front of big moves.

Back in September for example, the data team noticed Bitcoin messaging surpassing S&P messaging and released the data.

Way back in June, Stocktwits explained the BTFD mantra that has ruled the markets since 2010.

Personally, I would ‘Buy the F^cking Dip’ (BTFD) if there were any dips.

It does seem that everyone around the world has caught on to the Stocktwits BTFD theme.

But, dont worry…the team at Stocktwits has an incredible article/homepage over on Medium. It is a must follow and easy to subscribe.

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The language of the markets is the greatest edge you can give yourself and it has never been more open, interesting and fun to learn.

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