Sunday IPO's on Wallstrip – VMware, Inc (VMW)

Today, we start a new category of shows on Wallstrip …the Sunday IPO (initial public offering) watch. For people new to the stock market, here is how Wikipedia describes an IPO .

All great stock trends begin with an IPO or in some cases a spinoff. Therefore, the best place to find the next great winners is at their IPO and watching IPO’s in general. Every Sunday we will be covering big name IPO’s across a wide range of industries. Build a list or just come back to check on the shows over time in our archives. You can also set up an IPO pod over at MyTrade and follow a bunch of IPO’s.

I think I have bought one IPO ‘market on open’ in the last 7 years and that was Chipotle’s (CMG). I believed it was the next Starbuck’s. Otherwise, I do not buy IPO’s until they are at least 6 months old and taking out all-time highs. It gives me time to watch the action of a stock, the market acceptance and gives insiders a window to sell their stock and have the stock react and digest.

It makes sense for Wallstrip to launch a show about IPO’s and trend setters with VMware, Inc (VMW). Here is their Google Finance start page .

What an IPO. It lived up to it’s billing, opening above $50, from an already raised price range in the high 20’s. Covering IPO’s for Wallstrip will be Lauren Reeves and thanks to Eddie DaRoza for helping to dig up the links and information for the first show.

Check out Om Malik’s post on VMware’s IPO for a more skeptical look on VMware with ‘links’ around the tech blogosphere. Great stuff.

I like this coverage of VMware from Barron’s .

There is ton’s of information around the financial web on VMware.

Here is Cramer’s take . Cramer says EMC, which owns 90 percent of VMWare is ‘ready to explode’…we shall see. Looks to me like the smart money was in this trade months ago with EMC at $10.

Here is more on the EMC trade from Steve Smith at TheStreet .

I will just wait and watch for now giving this hot shot IPO some time to breathe. EMC does look interesting to me, but based on all the coverage in the financial press, seems rather crowded and loved. Too obvious. If EMC explodes, I imagine the rest of my tech holdings will do the same.

Give us your feedback on how to make the IPO show and accompanying information better.


  1. Thomas says:

    Much as I like your show, this time, I think the IPO stands for It’s Probably Overpriced. If you want your mac to run Windoze (who wants that in the first place?), then there are more agile virtual servers around. Check out parallels for example. VMWare makes me feel like in my programming days where I occasionaly start some Windoze app just to do something I could have done better on any other platform. Virtual servers just aren’t. Get a Mac and be happy!

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