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Trump 'Meat'…I Give Investors The BONE!

I don’t think I can ever eat steak again after seeing this . My friend BSD – the ‘arbitargeur’ :) – passed this meatball along for our Trump digestion. I have decided to become a vegetarian and short TRMP (down yet another 10 percent today). This ’empire?’ looks ready to implode once again. Disclosure- Nauseous

Message to FLY – You Had me at Asshat!

BUT, you throw in a little Trump attack and I am going to link to you. Can we please get a Trump Asshat MEME going here. Can we not explain to the extremely boring and regular Market, Apple, CROX, Google and RIMM haters that their energy should be focused on turds like Trump. Likely not, …

Donald Trump – FIRE YOURSELF!

I was parking my rental car in downtown Toronto this morning ($26 for the freaking day) and on the walk to my office I saw a Trump Billboard for a “New Hotel that will be unrivaled by any others in the city”. Great. An ugly Gold building in our beautiful downtown. Meanwhile, the prick loses …