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Congrats to TheStreet.com

Booyah to Steve Elkes and Cramer and Tom Clarke and Jimmy Altucher for getting in cheap dough to expand TheStreet.com halo of stockiness. They cut a sweet deal . It is a small market cap for an internet financial company so if they spend the money well…look out.

Laugh Out Loud CNBC Rip

So I am surfing my blogroll and I stop in at THE FLY and get this gem that makes me bust out laughing: After I win the CNBC million dollar challenge, I will buy ad space in Times Square that reads: “CNBC sucks balls.” Nuffff said FLY. BTW – How much have those terds spent …

Where's Cramer (James) at the Golden Globes

While they give away Golden Globes for pretty much everything, why not Cramer for saving CNBC and pretty much bringing stock talk to America. Say what you want about the dude and I have, but he is getting snubbed :) . It is original and should be recognized. Before you second guess, consider Desperate Housewives …