TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) Keeps Costing Everyone But The Borrowers…Sickening!

I have never need a bailout. I am confident that if I needed one, I could not go to our government. Nor Robert Sarver.

I can’t say I fully understand TARP (Troubled Asset relief Program), but I am skeptical of it nonetheless for the yutz’s that created it can’t be trusted. TARP is a shitty name for a program designed to bailout bankers who made shitty fucking loans.

I could almost live with TARP if it were called FTP (Fuck the Taxpayer), but alas…

If you are being bailed out with MY tax dollars for your troubled assets, should I not own all your other assets in the meantime until your TARP is paid off. Better yet, a pool of assets should have to be set aside for receivers of TARP to lend out to troubled businessmen, when and if they recover…a ‘pay it forward kind of TARP recovery program.

I was reading today that Robert Sarver’s (Phoenix Suns majority owner and Managing Director of Shitty Trades) bank, Western Alliance Bancorporation, recently received $140 million from the Treasury Department’s Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Let me try and explain to you, the dumb taxpayer, what I see going on. Robert keeps his banks, gets a lifeline, gets to keep his assets and we get what?

I think at the very least, Robert should be handing over control of all his assets while he manages his banks with our money…no?

This bullshit makes paying all my taxes this year that much shittier. Glad I gave up my season tickets, but now expect some freebies the next time I pass Robert. He owes me…floors.

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