The Daily Grind

I am really struggling with my writing. The rest of my life is fantastic… so only the daily readers are suffering with my struggle. I do feel your pain.

I have always assumed that by writing something every day on this blog, my writing habit would just get stronger and writing would just be easy.

El wrongo!

When I started Wallstrip back in 2006 I would be crazy about every aspect of the daily show, not just the company. Each episode had to be great because if even one show was weak, the next show would have to be even better so why relent for even a minute.

While many episodes were of course bad, it was the attitude that most mattered.

That pace was ridiculous on the budget we had so it was great that CBS came along and acquired us.

Things are a little different today in blogtown USA. Nobody is coming to buy my blog, though a few ex CBS’ers do read this…so I just have to grind it out and take my daily swings.

Thanks for stopping in while I ride out the slump.

PS – Someone not in a slump is Dave Chapelle. Dave had his slump, but lately Google/Youtube serve nothing but Dave to me because I recently went down a Chapelle rabbit hole. Those damn AI robots have me in a perpetual Chapelle rabbit hole for the time being.

My gift to readers today is minute 19 of this Dave Chapelle interview on Sway where he talks about what he would do now if he was seated in the front row of Macworld when Steve Jobs announced the Smartphone. Very ‘Dead Zone‘.