The #Diplomat and The #Dipshit

I was looking forward to my conversation with Fred Wilson yesterday.

I like to label our meetings and yesterday I called it – ‘The Diplomat and the Dipshit‘…

Fred has a great sense of humor so generally anything goes in our conversations.

I cold called Fred in 2006 to pitch him on a show idea I had for web. The basic idea was to build a modern CNBC on the exploding network of video channels. Fred invested personally and helped me raise the rest of the money through his network. Long story short, the first show became a hit and CBS acquired us 6 months later. Here is Fred being interviewed by Lindsay Campbell in one of our weekly Friday interview shows:

Here is a more detailed version of the events from Fred back in 2009.

Yesterday, I had a bunch of questions for Fred about strategy as it relates to our Social Leverage Fund 3 and I caught him up on some of our investments. He did the same with his portfolio.

Next time I will get it on video.

I am lucky to have a mentor like Fred.

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