The First Stocktwits 50 of the Year 2011

Here is our first 2011 Stocktwits50 list.

That was an amazing 2010 for public companies.

Over 260 stocks appreciated by 100 percent and 8 were up over 500 percent.

Technology led the way, but energy and agriculture stocks are hot right now too.

If you can learn just one thing from Stocktwits in 2011, it is the news won’t make 99 percent of you money.

Here are the 2010 top stories of the year by the AP. Now here are the best performing markets in 2010. If you follow price, you will find all these industries and proxy stocks on the weekly Stocktwits 50 as they are in motion.

Most will continue to make it complicated and that is a good thing for those of use looking to simplify it.

Happy New year


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  3. Bigjig says:

    Doesn’t mean SQUAT to me unless the comment also mentions ‘how many stocks decreased by a set % and the few or so that decreased by over a set %’ as well. It’s like saying our Sports team had 15 wins on the season and 5 of those were by OVER 20 points!. Whoopee Doo!!!.

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