The Freedom to Change My Mind

Ellen and I are with the kids in Sedona for a few days hiking as they both have spring break. It is a beautiful place…

I am so lucky I get to invest for a living.

One of the biggest differences of my life as an early stage private investor and an active public market investor is the ability to change my mind.

When we (Social Leverage) wire money into a private company we can’t unwire. We are in. It is definitely not for everyone.

I might not love seed investing as much as I do if I could not exercise my right to change my mind so often as a public markets investor.

As just one example…I have flip flopped on Twitter 50 times since it came public. Luckily I have been long and vocal for this great run of late


Yesterday I sent the daily email ‘Passive My Ass‘ and left out a very important word.

What I meant to say was…bull markets do NOT end because of time. There are no time limits on bull markets.

Too many people are hung up on how long a good market can last.

Take a look at this bull market compared to others.

Following price will make you more profits than following headlines and opinions.

By the way…if you have Instagram…the Stocktwits account is light, fun and informative.

Have a great day.

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