The GolfNow/YouTube Spokesperson

There is only ONE TIGER WOODS. I can watch that shot over and over.


I remember watching Phil Knight follow Tiger around the course as he won his last US Amateur – seems like 30 years ago. Phil was an animal. He knew what he wanted and honed in on his target.

They laughed at Tiger’s payout on the Nike Deal. Like Michael Jordan before him – PHIL was right, and has had the last laugh.

I was over at the GolfNow blog and we had a story about a 2 year old golf prodigy which got me thinking. (Yes, I know – TROUBLE!)

In an effort to be Web 2.0’s Phil Knight I have partnered with YouTube to find GolfNow’s spokesperson.

In search of a GolfNow spokesperson and armed with no budget (I have not even told them yet :) ), I expected to lower my standards. The winner will be bussed to Phoenix in the heat of the summer, hosed down, and put to work. What did you expect!

I headed off to YouTube and searched “golf prodigy”. Surprisingly, the picking were thin. Here are my two candidates:

Nice extension and coordination. I got my eye on him!

Next – for GolfNow’s hip/hop MySpace crowd:

This kids got style!

I am on to something here and will have us promote the YouTube postings by our customers tagging the account “golfnow spokesperson”

If you have some better ideas to get this going, please comment.


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