The Limited on Wallstrip – my all-time low on a show about all-time highs

The Limited and the rest of the mall retailers have never been my cup of tea – all-time highs or not. It does not mean they are not Wallstrip worthy. The Limited is definately Wallstrip worthy for it’s setup and catalyst which we describe in the show.

After all these years, they just grind it out and occasionally they hit one out. It’s sweet that they are hitting it out with a bra. It’s not a sweet bra on everybody though…

The show is officially labelled – A ho-hum show about hot women in their underwear – The Limited (LTD). I call it “A Sloppy Mess” :) .

Go check it out already.

Brian gives a good look at the technicals for those inclined to trade and own the stock.

The setup is surely legitimate on The Limited.

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  2. candice says:

    Dude… no. please don’t do that again.

    and my token girl commentary on the subject: padded bras are evil and those ipex things are not comfy. (the seamless ones without the padding are fine though.)

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