The Magic of Sapho

My partner Gary and I are in the valley for a couple of days seeing founders and a few portfolio companies.

We stopped by the Sapho offices (portfolio company) and were blown away by the product and the growth since our last visit.

Sapho’s mission – like all great enterprise companies – is to increase employee productivity.

Sapho has now built the only employee experience portal designed for the digital workplace. It is easier to see it in action rather than me trying to explain it. Just click the blue ‘see it in action’ button on the home page.

The company was founded by two amazing entrepreneurs Fouad ElNaggar (former head of strategy at CBS and reformed Venture Capitalist) and Peter Yared (former CTO at CBS interactive and five previously acquired enterprise software companies). Peter is the kind of genius, (and friendly) CTO that helps guys like me understand software and solutions. I met them during my time at CBS.

All great enterprise companies take time to hit a stride. For Sapho, the stride is now.

For context into the market size and opportunity that Sapho’s product is already winning customers – Service Now was founded in 2004 and is now a $31 billion employee and customer experience platform and public company.

Founded in 2015, Sapho is already knocking down huge 1,000 person companies and the future is bright.

If you are a CIO or CEO of a 1,000 plus person company, please hit me up and I will intro you to the team.

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