The noisemeter is CODE RED on YouTube. Message to YouTube – Tune it out

The shmendricks are out in force on YouTube’s imminent demise – see TechMeme if you must participate in this latest version of NOISE 2.0.

For the real scoop – read on…


The rest of this post is just my noise, but please feel free to read on.

If I was YouTube I would be singing with joy for all this publicity.

It seems to me that the noise is about bandwith costs and lack of revenue. For that rebuttal, I take you to my friend Loren Feldman , who decided to dress up to handle this issue. Thanks Loren for abiding with the Lindzon dress code. :)

The $12 million that YouTube is investing in bandwith is better spent than Kozlowski’s shower curtains and art collections and Enron’s banks of computers.

If YouTube was a public company, I would be buying on days like today!

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