The Obama Crash

I can’t vote, but declared myself an Obaman. That seems like a long time ago.

The problem we face is that we are accelerating out of control. It’s not Obama’s fault and it’s not Obama’s problem to fix. He can’t. Quit hoping for a miracle.

I am glad so many million trekked down to hear Obama speak, but it seems a tad religious to me as we hemorrage our children’s country away.

The markets are open every day and people are voting every day with their pocketbooks. We are SELLERS. Great speech or bad speech, the country is selling securities and no one speech will stem the tide.

Have any f#%&^&^ing mortgage brokers gone to jail in the last month, or title insurers, or freaking housing appraisers. Geodrgey was busy pardoning people on his way out and Bernie Madoff is living better than all of us after admitting financial rape.

If you ask me, the guys that have gotten it wrong are still running the country. On days like today I get pissed because I remember who got it wrong

Nobody gets it right all the time, but the guys that got it wrong still have the microphone and are still cutting the checks. The money that moves markets knows this so while you high five and ooh and ahh at Obama’s speech, don’t forget the wooping your 401k is taking and will continue to take while you hope for miracles.

By the way, I am sick of hearing people talk about specific dates and quarters when things will turn. Pathetic and dumb. Nobody knows when things will turn. To speculate is to waste time and energy best spent selling. Turn off the TV, and quit looking for opinions. Nobody knows what is next because nobody has seen this type of price action in their lifetimes. It is utter chaos.

Cash and diversified income streams are king. Noise is the devil.