The Outrage Machine Aimed at Canada? …and The Continuing Crypto Crash

To my American friends and family…

I am sorry about the high milk prices.

To my Canadian friends and family…

I am sorry that the ‘outrage machine’ is now aimed at you.

Here is an inside tale of what the ‘outrage machine‘ looks like (Tobin Smith sounds like a weasel, but sadly can’t make this up).

I don’t think you can beat the outrage machine. You can get easily sucked into it though.

It will take time to see the lasting damages of this outrage machine and the American outrage culture.

In the meantime, try to be nice to someone today or at the least, stay of Twitter until you can. I will.

As for the markets…

All news is good news, unless you own Bitcoin and other crypto’s.

The chart of the weekend is from my friend Todd Harrison who has been tracking The Nasdaq/Bitcoin/Weed troika. You can see the big divergence started recently with crypto. The question is will they lead to selling in the Nasdaq and weed stocks?

Have a great week.

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