The Right Mentors Changed My Life 

A few weeks ago my friend and mentor Fred Wilson invited me to play some golf at Riviera. He invited my son Max as well.  Max could not miss more school ( we had gone to LA Open at Riviera the weekend before ). 

The golf was spectacular but more importantly I had the time to share some updates with Fred and get some feedback on strategies for StockTwits and ideas I have been noodling. 

Everyone needs mentors. The earlier you find them the better. There is no one way but you do have to engage with mentors on their platforms of choice. 

I urge my kids to use the tools of today (none are perfect) to get comfortable with the various ways to connect with future mentors. Of course nothing beats face to face. 

No tool/skill has been more effective for me  than writing and sharing.  Writing has opened all my best business and life doors since I turned 40 and started my blog. It’s messy at times for sure but no pain no gain. 

Today I am writing from an Amtrak to Boston. I am blogging from my IPhone 6+ using the WordPress app. It’s really a miracle to have these tools at our disposal. 

I love paying forward the mentorship that Fred has given me to other entrepreneurs and founders. This blog is one of those ways and now that I have worked mobile blogging into my routine I expect to make it a daily habit once again.