The Stock Market is at All- Time Highs… and Look out for Falling Unicorns 

Congrats to S&P investors in the good old USA. Your investment is almost at all-time highs. 

That Internet bubble … gone.

The ol’ mortgage crisis… so 2008.

Investing and making money must be easy. 

Vanguard founder John Bogle made his fame and fortune simplifying the whole process for the masses. His philosophy for investing is simple…’Don’t look for a needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack’. 

It’s a simple system and if you follow it (at least in the USA the last 40 years) you are making money.  

The real truth though is that almost everyone likes to look for needles. 

Some of us actually get paid to do it. I swear. 

If you are looking for needles I salute you. 

Bill Gurley (legendary VC investor and very tall person) says be really careful of the needles and the haystack at the moment. 

Jim Cramer (legendary idea screamer and arm waver) says the opposite. I looked up a rant he just made yesterday about how good the needle picking was and the haystack was fine. 

Dennis Gartman (legendary asshat with a timeshare on CNBC airawves) promised us oil would not ever see $44 in his lifetime and of course was wrong and is not dead yet either.

I know they are all biased. Nothing has changed for me since yesterday or a month ago. I think the needles are out there to be found …and the haystack is full of horseshit and flies.